1603 garment workers fainted in Cambodia in 2017

From www.khmertimeskh.com

More than 1600 garment workers fainted in 22 factories in Cambodia during 2017, of which 1599 were women. This means an increase of more than 400 from the previous year.

«NSSF director Ouk Samvithya called on all factories to regularly inspect and maintain ventilation systems one hour before the workers enter the building and ensure the management of chemical smells inside and outside the building. In addition, goods inside the factory must be stored in a manner not blocking ventilation, thermostats must be installed, infirmaries and emergency facilities must be prepared, and steam systems must be up to code. It added the cause of fainting included chemical problems, psychosocial problems, poor ventilation, blocked air flow, mechanical problems, irregular consumption of food and too much work.

Fa Saly, president of the National Trade Union Confederation, asked the government to continue paying attention to the health of workers: “The government should thoroughly examine the fabric and surrounding environmental issues, especially the heat because it has gotten hot recently making it difficult for workers,” he said. “Another thing is food. They are still eating insufficient food because wages are limited, which puts them at risk of fainting.”

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