About us

We are a group of researchers and professionals interested in several facets of business, with a clear awareness of the undesirable labor conditions that many modest workers suffer in the manufacturing process of products of the garment and sportswear industry.


Jose A. Martínez Technical University of Cartagena (Spain)  | Contact here
Associate Professor of Marketing in the Business Management Department.

His main research interest is in marketing, sports and health topics. He has published more than 70 articles in outstanding impact journals. He has also published a number of books, including «Publicidad, baloncesto y zapatillas» on advertising and sports brands, also acting as lead investigator of Research Projects funded by National and International Research Agencies and Institutions 

Yong Jae Ko University of Florida (USA) | Contact here 
Associate Professor in the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management

He has published over 80 articles in peer-reviewed sport management and relevant premier journals and made over 160 presentations in these areas. His research team received prestigious awards for innovative research. He has done numerous consulting projects for a variety of national and international sports organizations and government projects

Manuel Ruiz | Technical University of Cartagena (Spain)  | Contact here 
Associate Professor in the Department. of Quantitative & Computing Methods for Business Economics

His main research interest is in Spatial Analysis, including the study of time series, spatial statistics/econometrics, non-parametric statistics, symbolic analysis, and complex dynamics and algebra. He has more than 50 journal papers in outstanding international reviews, having participated in important research projects with national and international teams. He is currently the Principal Investigator of the Excellence Research Group (EMODs) from Fundación Séneca.


Mayte Saavedra| Technical University of Cartagena (Spain) | mayte@starsforworkers.com
Undergraduate student of Business Administration

His main research interest is marketing 

Sultana Rajia  Technical University of Cartagena (Spain)  | sultana@starsforworkers.com 
Undergraduate student of Business Administration

His main research interest is marketing 


Our mission is to make stars aware (athletes, actors, singers, celebrities…) about how powerful they can become in helping workers who participate in the manufacturing process of the brands they endorse. We aim to get they donate an important part of the money they receive from brands in order to contribute to the improvement of labor conditions of their workers. In addition, we aim to encourage celebrities to be the ambassadors (for free) of ethical brands.

Our objective is also to work with other organizations and persons to supervise that the money donated is employed in the correct way.

Our values are the equity of trading, the empowerment of employees who work in unfair conditions and the defense of labor rights, living wages and solidarity.


We promote the stars who follow our 10/90 program or any other activity matching with our mission and values.

We put pressure to celebrities using several creative marketing tools. We also create press releases of every action we consider laudable for improving the quality of life of workers.

Finally, we achieve a surveillance of the money destined to improving labor conditions, with the collaboration or other organizations, syndicates, and any other people who wants to support our initiative.


We are not an organization or a company. We do not receive any fund or donation from public or private organizations or persons.

STARS FOR WORKERS is an idea that comes true because of the effort of the scholars behind this project and the support of people believing in our mission and values.