American Apparel “made in Honduras” and “made in Nicaragua”

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In the race to the bottom of the garment industry, American Apparel has been the last to follow the trend.

“For the first time in American Apparel’s 28-year history, its items are being made outside the US. The company, which prided itself on being the largest domestic apparel maker, is now producing shirts in Honduras and Nicaragua, a person familiar with the matter said. Gildan Activewear, which bought American Apparel out of Chapter 11 earlier this year, later confirmed the Central American production — and said that labels denoting “Made in Honduras” and “Made in Nicaragua” will start appearing on its clothes this summer. The shirts being made in those countries are for its wholesale division, which sells shirts to corporate customers, including those who print concert-related shirts.”

How well the workers of Honduras and Nicaragua will be paid? We will follow it in the next months.

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