At least six people killed in a textile factory at Bangladesh


A new tragedy in the textile industry at Bangladesh. As La Vanguardia reports:

“ At least six people were killed in a textile factory near Dhaka, where more than 300 workers were found at the time of the incident, oficial sources said.” «We have found six corpses on two floors of the factory.  We haven´t information about were more people inside,»

The fire took place around 10 am local time (04.00 GMT), during full working hours at the Ideal Textile Mills factory in Munshiganj, a town near the Bangladesh capital.

!In August a court in Dhaka sentenced the owner of the textile complex Rana Plaza to three years in prison, in what marks the first sentence related to the biggest textile tragedy in Bangladesh».

The last accident occurred few weeks ago. In July , an explosion killed 11 garment workers at Bangladesh.

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