Bangladesh Accord; Global Union’s pressure get results


The work of the Global Union and the pressure of all the stakeholder asking for improving labour conditions in the supply chain in Bangladesh has yielded a new settlement of US$2.3 million with a multinational brand.

«The brand, which cannot be named under the terms of the settlement, has agreed to pay $2 million towards remediation of more than 150 garment factories in Bangladesh. The apparel maker will contribute a further US$300,000 into IndustriALL and UNI’s joint Supply Chain Worker Support Fund, established to support the work of the global unions to improve pay and conditions for workers in global supply chains. The global unions brought the case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration arguing that the brand did not require its factories to remedy hazards in a timely manner—leaving thousands of workers in dangerous conditions. The unions also charged that the brand did not ensure that it was financially feasible for its factories to fix ongoing safety issues, as required by the Accord»

Good news for the sector, and for the workers.

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