Dark Factories in Leicester; wages under the legal minimum

From www.the-pool.com

A report from the Financial Times shows the unfair conditions of workers in factories of Leicester (UK), where exploitation es pervasive.

«Some factories are operating under conditions that are “more reminiscent of the 19th century than the 21st.” A “bizarre microeconomy” has consequently emerged, “where larger factories using machines are outcompeted by smaller rivals using underpaid humans.” The report describes derelict-looking buildings housing multiple factories, all crammed together and playing host to hundreds of workers paid well below the UK minimum wage, which is currently £7.83 for everyone over the age of 25. O’Connor writes: “Part of Leicester’s garment industry has become detached from UK employment law, “a country within a country”, as one factory owner puts it, where “‘£5 an hour is considered the top wage’, even though that is illegal.

«This just really highlights that poor working conditions is an endemic and systemic problem for the fashion industry, not just in Asia or Central America where we think of sweatshops existing, but in our own communities. It really hits home the fact that fashion brands and retailers don’t have robust enough due diligence processes to monitor factory conditions.”

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