Fair Endorsements

Celebrities have two way of collaborating with that project. The first one is donating part of their endorsments earnings, as we depict in our 10/90 program. The other option is to endorse fair brands that respect Human Rights. Ethical brands with clear values about the need of re-shaping the garment industry. Local brands, small business, fair-trade projects…We call for Fair Endorsements who have to be made for free. Yes, for free.

We apply the same reasoning made to request celebrities the money they earn from sportswear and fashion brands. But in this case, they can break their links to unethical brands, and to chose to be the ambassadors of other brands who need the support of well-known stars to make more people be aware of their positioning. By contributing to make ethical and fair brands to grow, celebrities are contributing to increase the wealth of workers who make those clothes.

Therefore, we ask celebrities to change their behavior, and to be brave enough to be the break up with brands which do not respect Human Rights, and to be (for free) the ambassadors of brands who respect it.

We will implement specific actions in this regard after October, 2017.