H&M breaks its promise to pay living wages

From www.cleanclothes.org

A new research from CCC shows that H&M has clearly broken its promise to pay living wages:

«In 2013, H&M published its “Roadmap towards fair living wages” and gave 850,000 workers hope of a living wage by 2018. The roadmap presented four strategies that would, according to H&M, lead to a fair living wages for workers in their supply chain: 1) supporting factory owners in developing pay structures that enable the payment of fair living wages, 2) improving purchasing practices to ensure it enables suppliers to pay their workers for the true cost of labour, 3) encouraging governments to engage in a process to identify a living wage level, set a minimum wage accordingly and review wages annually thereafter, 4) supporting workers to ensure they have access to education, skill enhancement and improving their bargaining position through ensuring that democratically elected worker representatives are in place.

The evidence showed in this research is far away its promise, and continues indicating a situation of labor exploitation, at least in the factories investigated across four countries: Bulgaria, Turkey, Cambodia and India.


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