Michael Bennett announced he would donate all of his 2017 endorsement money

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Great news which indirectly reinforce our project! NFL Athlete Michael Bennett announced he would donate all of his 2017 endorsement money and half the proceeds he receives from jersey sales to inner-city programs, as USA Today published.

“The system is failing our kids, and it will be up to the community and our leaders to help keep the hope alive by focusing on improving our education system and the future of our kids,” Bennett said in a statement. “Any company that decides to invest in me, just know that you’ll be investing in opportunities and providing inspiration for these families – many who feel unnoticed or go unmentioned”.

Bennett said Chance The Rapper, who donated $1 million to Chicago public schools this week, “inspired” him to make the pledge. Bennett’s endorsement money will be funneled to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) programs in minority communities and 50% of the money he gets from the sale of his No. 72 Seahawks jerseys would go to inner-city garden projects.

“It’s not only about providing opportunities in education and arts, but to help provide the right nutrition and access to healthy living to all,” Bennett said. We encourage celebrities to show their positioning regarding social issues, although their statements be opposite to the practices of the brands they endorse. Now, we need a step forward, and we desire more celebrities yell about the labor conditions of workers who make their clothes.

This is what we are calling from Stars for Workers,  in this case for helping the exploted workers of the garment industry.

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