Mizuno workers still waiting for payment

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In 2012, 346 Indonesian workers were unfairly dismissed. They worked in a factory supplying Mizuno and other brands such Adidas. Four years later, they have not received any compensation for the dismissal.

Clean Clothes Campaign campaigners in Europe are getting together with groups in the United States, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong to tell Japanese sports brand Mizuno they will #NeverStopPushing until Mizuno makes sure 346 Indonesian workers receive their fair severance payment after being unfairly dismissed in 2012. The groups urge Mizuno to meet the union representing the workers on Thursday 13 October. Some of the women, who have been working for years on Mizuno sportswear, lost their homes and families after the company producing for Mizuno sacked them. Adidas, another buyer at the factory at the time, also refuses to support the workers financially.

Actions will take place across continents, at Mizuno offices, shops and running events. SBGTS-GSBI president Kokom Komalawati states: “It is clear that without involvement of the buyers Mizuno and adidas, Panarub will not propose a reasonable and fair amount, and not settle the case. We therefore expect from Mizuno, whose website claims Fairness in Business Practices through creating a corporate climate that does not condone unfair acts, to finally take up their responsibility and contribute to the resolution of this case.”

The issue started when in July 2012 a group of 1300 mostly female workers was fired from the PT Panarub Dwikarya Benoa factory (PDK) after a strike demanding the right to freedom of association, a back payment of the legal minimum wage and improvement of the health and safety conditions in the factory. The women also suffered from verbal and physical violence. Early 2012 workers founded the union SBGTS-GSBI. When in July 2012 factory management unilaterally decided to postpone negotiations regarding wage violations, the workers started a spontaneous protest, followed by a strike which was joined by 2000 workers. After five days of strike, the factory management dismissed the workers.

Since 2012, adidas and Mizuno have not brought a solution closer. The workers still get together regulalry and keep calling for a fair severance payment. On the 8th of August, Panarub called for a meeting the next day, giving the union no time to prepare. The company made no offer or movement in the negotiation. After the meeting, Panarub is said to have approached several workers individually with an offer that is inadequate. Despite their hardship, all the workers refused.

Mizuno net income in 2015 was 18.67 million dollars


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