Mujeres Transformando (MT) joins Stars for Workers

We are pleased to announce that “Asociación Mujeres Transformando” (MT), a Non-Lucrative Salvadoran Association defending women workers rights joined Stars for Workers campaign.

Asociación Mujeres Transformando (MT) was founded on July 3, 2003, and is a feminist organization that ensures the rights of women, especially the rights of women working in textile factories (“maquilas”). The Association contributes to the deconstruction of patriarchy and power relations that violate the body and life of Salvadoran women through class awareness and gender perspective. Mujeres Transformando seek to empower women to exercise the free and full right of their citizenship.

Some of the streams of work the organization achieves are:
• Projects to strengthen the leadership of women within the trade union exercise
• Research on the working conditions of women in the maquila
• Proposals to reform the Free Zones Law
• Public complaints about the labor violations of women workers in the maquilas at national and international level
• Elaboration and publication of the Human Rights and Occupational Health Manual
• Proposals for the reform of the Labor Code, specifically in the special regime of the home work modality in El Salvador
• Elaboration of social campaigns
• Documentaries in which the conditions of women workers in the textile and clothing sector are made visible

Here are two samples of the work made by the Association, supporting the empowerment of women and defending their rights:

We will disseminate all the work of this organization through our social media and we will encourage celebrities to be a star for them.