Stars for Workers in a roundtable about ethical fashion and human rights

On May 25th, we were invited to participate in a roundtable about human rights in the textile sector, where several ethical initiatives were presented and discussed. The event was placed in Cartagena (Spain) and was organized by the team of Lola Sánchez, the MEP of the political party PODEMOS, and the leader of the EU flagship initiative on the garment sector.

Several projects as Upcycling Fashion, Colectivo MODAlogíaAsociación Proyecto Abraham and Traperos de Emaús Murcia briefly exposed their aims and positioning. In addition, the MEP Lola Sánchez summarized the consequences of the vote achieved by the European Parliament regarding the initiative with a strong majority, with 505 votes in favor, 57 abstentions and 49 votes against.

Dozens of persons participated in the debate  inquiring about our projects and how to collaborate in order to take a step forward to change the industry.

From left to the right: Jose A. Martínez (Stars for Workers), Julia Martínez (Upcycling Fashion), Lola Sánchez (MEP), and Marian Pérez (Colectivo MODAlogía Murcia)

We explained our further aims regarding promoting Fair Endorsements and how to involve more people to make celebrities aware about the need of their committment