Stars for Workers in Fashion Revolution Murcia 2019

We were honoured to particpate in the Fashion Revolution Murcia 2019. Colectivo Modalogía, Traperos de Emaús y Proyecto de Abraham organized a memorable event in Murcia to promote ethical and sustainable fashion.

Several activities were achieved, as follows:

1.Traperos de Emaús performed an emotional work that denounced situations of slavery, called «Down the Walls».


2. A market of Upcycling allowed shopping nice second-hand clothes.


3. The «Colectivo Modalogía» built an interchange room where participants could trade a maximum of five garments.


4. We participated in a round table of good practices. Our collaborators Sultana Rajia and Mayte Saavedra represented our project, introducing our educational program, that it will be  developed in the following months. We shared our thoughts with the workers «Asociación Aparadoras de Elche» and the high-school project «Which secrets fashion hides»? from the IES Miguel Hernández (Alhama de Murcia).


It was a great experieence, thank you for giving us the opportunity to live it with a lot of people working for improving the fashion industry.