Students of the Penn State University against Nike labour practices

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A new university in the United States has started to fight against Nike labour standars, and the oppacity of its management of providers in Vietnam. Students of the Penn State Univeristy are asking for not renewing the school contract with the brand.

Penn State University’s chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops has asked the university not to renew the school’s non-athletic licensing contract with Nike. The group asked Penn State University president Eric Barron not to renew the contract because of unethical working conditions at the company’s factory in Hansae, Vietnam. Penn State’s licensing contract with Nike expires at the end of January. The group said the Nike factory in Hansae has stopped allowing the Worker Rights Consortium to inspect the site, and interviews with workers there have revealed poor conditions. Now, the group is uncertain about what Penn State will do and is looking for clarification.

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