Textile workers also exploited in the UK

From www.theguardian.com |

UK workers of making products for fashion retailers such as River Island, New Look, Boohoo and Missguided are severely underpaid, as a recent research has pointed out. They are earning between £3 and £3.50 an hour, being the legal miminum £7.20 an hour:

In the new Dispatches film, an undercover reporter gets a job at Fashion Square Ltd, which labelled clothes for River Island. When the reporter told the firm he would usually receive at least £7.20 an hour for work, his boss replied: “You won’t get that here. That’s what I’m telling you. We don’t get paid much for our clothes, and we need to compete with China and Bangladesh. They can get it cheap there. How will they get it made cheaper here? If we pay everyone £10 or £6 then we will make a loss.” The reporter was paid around £3 an hour for work that included labelling River Island garments, Dispatches reports. The undercover reporter also gained employment in a factory working on garments for New Look, where he was apparently paid £3.50 an hour. A third textile firm, United Creations, paid him £3.25 an hour for work which included packing a jacket for Boohoo and marking up zips on dresses for Missguided, the programme says.

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